Bouquets 1-10

  • Rose Lowder |
  • 1994-1995 |
  • 11.33 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

BOUQUETS 1 -10 is a part of a series of one minute films covering a variety of subjects. Composed frame by frame in the camera during filming, these Bouquets were recorded by weaving alternatively frames gathered in one area at different times.

Each Bouquet of flowers becomes as well a bouquet of frames, mingling the plants to be found in a given place with the activities that happen to be there at the time.

Bouquet 1
Filmed on the Mount Ventoux, Vaucluse, from the peak (1912m) to the Grozeau spring. Amongst yellow poppies and various mountain flowers, people eat their lunch, scramble or cycle up the slopes leading to the summit where they are greeted by the sale of local products : organic épautre, the local ancient form of wheat, and coloured candies.

Bouquet 2
Filmed near the village of Brantes, amongst other things, a school cycling party passing through fields of flowers on the borders of Vaucluse and Drome.

Bouquet 3
Filmed on a Sunday afternoon on the banks of the Huveaune River in and on the way to the village of Roquevaire, Var.

Bouquet 4
Filmed on the sands of Beauduc, Camargue, Bouche du Rhône, people have built a small village out of bric-a-brac. One of the cabins has a Provençal scene painted on its fence : a Camargue bull is depicted in its bullring with windmill, cypress tree and and bull fighter. The sea air is rapidly peeling off the paint. The local authorities are menacing to remove all the homes.

Bouquet 5
Filmed amongst flowers on a slope between the main Marseille to Paris railway line, just outside the ramparts of Avignon.

Bouquet 6

Filmed one summer evening in La Vesse, Bouches du Rhône, a tiny fishing harbour on a rocky inlet near Marseille.

Bouquet 7
Filmed around the famous circular medieval wash house built on an equally famous spring, the Fosse Dionne, in the medieval town of Tonnerre, Yonne. It is surrounded by wild flowers from abandoned terraces, plants in the St. Pierre gardens, cultivated by the disabled and the injured, which lead up to the church on the hill, flowers hanging down from pots, their reflections and others growing in or around the water#s edges.

Bouquet 8
Filmed on the beach at Beauduc, Bouches du Rhône, with people sailboarding or catching shellfish.

Bouquet 9
Filmed in a field of buttercups on the way to Signes, Var, with families on their Sunday outing and some of the rubbish they leave behind.

Bouquet 10
Filmed from the mountain slopes around St. Apollinaire overbooking lake Serre-Ponçon, Hautes-Alpes, as a flock of sheep roam the camping site and a launch visits the Island of St. Michel.

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