Roulement, Rouerie, Aubage

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Roulement, rouerie, aubage takes two paddle wheels on the Sorgue for its subject. Structured in the camera without any editing, the film makes use of a series of cross-references that are set up between two operating mechanisms : a selection of elements belonging to the rotating wheels and a certain number of visual features accentuated by the filming procedures chosen to record the frames. On the screen the image remains continually on a borderline in between the graphic or photographic characteristics and the representation, thus allowing one to shift regularly from one to the other way of seeing things.

roulement = rotation of the wheel reflecting the camera's mechanisms

rouerie = wiliness, the focusing of the image in relation to the frame

aubage = the functioning of the paddle wheel as a visual unit.

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16mm film $60.00  

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