Particles in Space and Tal Farlow (on one reel)

  • Len Lye |
  • 1980 |
  • 5.5 minutes |
  • B&W |
  • OPT

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

PARTICLES IN SPACE (1979) grew out of the same calligraphic material as FREE RADICALS. As with its companion film, PARTICLES is concerned with the energy of movement - of shaping light in darkness, by scratching on the film surface. In this film, Len Lye focuses on "a smaller, more compact zizz of energy than I'd ever got before on film." The rhythms of African drums again provide the musical counterpoint. "I thought FREE RADICALS as 'definitively revised' an almost unbelievably immense masterpiece (a brief epic) and that PARTICLES IN SPACE was its contemplative equivalent. COLOR CRY as great as I remembered it ...." - Stan Brakhage

Jazz guitar solo by Tal Farlow.

Before his death, Len Lye completed the drawings for TAL FARLOW (1980), his last scratch film. Just before he died, he gave approval for his assistant, Steven Jones (an experimental filmmaker) to complete the film. Jones edited it into its present shape, which also received the approval of Ann Lye, widow of the filmmaker.

Note: PARTICLES IN SPACE and TAL FARLOW are on one reel.

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