One Woman Waiting

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Massarella uses the fixed camera shot in her enigmatic film of a symbolic encounter between two women in a beautifully shot desert location. Its cryptic form is a good example of how an idea can be treated most effectively by simple means, for instance in the use of the frame as a point of entry and exit for characters and as a perspectival space which uses foreground and interior for dramatic and emotional ends.

Award: Special Merit Award, Athens Int'l Film Festival, Ohio, 1985; Cash award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1985.

Exhibition: Independent Means film tour of the United Kingdom, 1987; Festival of Festivals, Toronto, 1985; Vancouver Int'l Film Festival, 1985; LA Int'l Gay Film Festival, 1985; SF Int'l Gay Film Festival, 1985; Montreal Int'l Women's Film Festival, 1985; Beyond the Keyhold Int'l Women's Film & Video Festival, 1985.

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