Memo Book, The

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Aus Der Ferne - The Memo Book
sound/music: Dirk Schaefer

"Müller's virtuosic rephotography, editing and hand processing techniques are hurled into an erotic maelstrom, remaking the divisions of the Word in a continual flux of inside and out, container and contained. Learned in the tradition of Eisenstein, Genet, Anger and Jarman, The Memo Book seeks to remake the male body in a celebratory flow of communion and despair, mythos and logos. One of the great erotic works of German cinema."
- Mike Hoolboom, Independent Eye

"Few films invite the viewer so quickly into the dream-labyrinth. The Memo Book begins with an avalanche, a burial, and then the rest of the film involves digging through all that debris: through rooms of memory, memories of a friend so young but dead of AIDS. Taking up the West Coast style of Hindle and Baillie, Müller orchestrates a poliphony of superimpositions."
- Owen O'Toole, Notes on Europe

"One of the most beautiful and original of recent experimental films. A tender, magical and melancholy love poem by an important new talent."
- John Gianvito, Dreams of Life

"Generally, this excellent piece of work encompasses everything and anything that one wants out of a cinematic experience and can't be too highly recommended. It is maximalism - sorely needed in our movie-going venues."
- Warren Sonbert, Bay Area Reporter, San Francisco

Awards: Distinction "highly recommended" by the German Commission of Valuation; Experimental Film Award, Oberhausen Int'l Short Film Festival, 1990; Verden Short Film Festival, 1990; Audience Award, Experi, Bonn, 1989; SF Int'l Film Festival, 1991

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