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EXPULSION is a combination of live and found footage centered around the rearrangement of an old standard 8mm film on Ireland, produced for the tourist trade as a kind of postcard or souvenir, by Castle Films, in the US.

I reassemble the material in ways that attempt to disrupt or ruin this stereotypical image of the Irish individual and his or her surroundings and establish a possible aspect of his or her missing sexual identity, since Ireland's position in this regard has always been under-addressed and remains a thing for which a passionate defense is not encouraged.

By the rearrangement of these images and the juxtapositions of them and others from more disparate sources, including American popular films and low-budget pornography, I sought to alter their context in a manner that gave the characters an added dimension that made their actions and gestures more chaotic and unpredictable, and thus more plausible, while also referring to the blurring of distinctions that occurs when cultures are melded together as the corporate cannonball of global internationalism picks up speed.

Molly Bawn, why leave me pining
While lonely waiting here for you,
While the stars above are brightly shining,
Because they've nothing else to do?
- John McCormack

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