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Legend of Parts, A

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File / Super 8mm, 24 fps

A LEGEND OF PARTS presents a history of civilization condensed into ten minutes in a less-than-historically-accurate manner where the actions of the prehistoric animals changing into those of sociopolitical "man" careening towards the organized chaos of ultimate annihilation become hopelessly confused and reversed; where the random energy of lightning itself is endowed with the colors of the flag.

In a somewhat cartoonish and childish manner we are asked to ponder our gaseous beginnings and subsequent evolution while at the same time are offered the position of spectator in space and with that, the illusion that in this position we are arbiters of world events since we see and are shown so much. We have forgotten for these moments that we are silent, absorbing and not administering. We are permitted to forget also that we ourselves are part of the unconscious of these systems, that we are the scurrying insects watched in fascination.

The film, then, is the result of the tapping of the image and sound bank of a brain that has spectated and speculated silently all things relatively equally and is now expelling a composite of these pieces of information in the following Tourrettescopic manner.

Fragments of live footage combined with found footage and that of 3-D animated postcard images coalesce through the trusted, though not always trustworthy, medium of film.

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16mm film $40.00  
Digital File $40.00  
Super 8mm, 24 fps $40.00  

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