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With Jake Leed, Kelly Myers, Mary Leed, Marjory Myers, "Da" Croft.

"Richard Myers' 37-73 was far and away the most noteworthy film in the Exposition (9th Annual Independent Filmmakers Exposition). In fact, Richard Myers is, in my opinion, one of the few innovative conceptually oriented filmmakers in the country. As powerful and complex as is AKRAN, 37-73 is more taut, richer in associative meaning .... 37-73 is about dreams, about memory and its associations with nightmare and magic." - Owen Shapiro

"I think 37-73 is an extraordinary work, and the best of [Myers'] long films. I am astonished by [his] skill in image making, and his power to evoke the crazy pain of being an artist. It is a haunting work, with unforgettable scenes ...." - James Broughton

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Athens Film Festival; Kenyon Film Festival; Gold Hugo Award, Chicago Int'l Film Festival, 1974.

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