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Principal performers: Robert Ohlrich, Jake Leed, Mary Leed, Pat Myers. Music by Fred Coulter.

"Myers blends the shortening of space and time further, making, as did primitive tribes, all things present, here and now ...." - Anthony Bannon, Buffalo Evening News

"It is a modern equivalent of Dante's Inferno ... a journey by car through the landscape of today. The various horrors are fashioned out of everyday scenes, and people from typical plastic towns and cities ... a baroque death chant. At various times the tone of the film reminds me of Godard's highway crash scene in Weekend with its surreal nightmare mood.

"I do not hesitate to state that I consider it one of the really great 'personal' films, and certainly the most important film, to come from the experimental cinema in the last few years. It is the kind of film that grows in complexity with every viewing ...." - Bob Cowan, Take One

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1972; Kenyon Film Festival, 1973.

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