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With: Jake Leed, Mary Leed, Pat Myers, Dick Myers, Kelly Myers, Marjory Myers and Da Croft.

"There's probably no filmmaker more successful in transmitting his imagination to the screen than Ohio experimentalist Richard Myers .... In FLOORSHOW he presents a rich stream-of-consciousness flow of images that encompass past, present, and fantasy, a contemplation of the filmmaking process, and film aesthetics. Myers makes a bolder-than-ever attempt to break down the barriers between the conscious and subconscious, the making of a film and the film itself. What Myers projects is an acutely personal vision of life so beautifully shaped and paced that we're able to connect with it even if we cannot expect to decipher its private meanings. Myers tells us that he needs to make films to justify himself, but he does more than that. He makes highly surreal works of art that invite participation. FLOORSHOW reveals a filmmaker who seemingly can express any state of mind with impact and eloquence." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

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