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"Myers' latest work takes its cue from the logic of dreams. We see a small traveling show performing in various outdoor locales; some actors do episodes from Frankenstein, Dracula and Jekyll & Hyde while another narrates in the aggressive monotone of a carnival barker. Myers intercuts clips from old movies ... footage from his own unfinished first effort ... a 'Frankenstein' begun when he was 12. All of these elements are deftly combined to interpenetrate rather than collide; ... the result is that present and past, personal and public, Hollywood and amateur theatre all seem to meld. The inclusion of these moments ... as well as the rickety stage, ... and Myers' sensuous, grainy black and white cinematography ... is the key to the film's tone and meaning; Myers casts his meditation on the tenuousness of all experience as a modest essay set in seemingly unimpressive midwestern locales, and rather than interrogating the relationship of life to theatre, he prefers to slide effortlessly between the two." - Fred Camper, Chicago Reader

Award: Ann Arbor Film Festival

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