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Moving Pictures

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"Most of [Myers'] movies, including all of his features, are surrealistic works based on his dreams. For Myers, dreams comprise an indispensable link in self-understanding. MOVING PICTURES, his latest film, is a formal tour-de-force in which everything [it contains] is captured in slow, horizontal tracking shots. It is a quiet, elegant, meditative work. [MOVING PICTURES] is also like carnivals of the unconscious with midway attractions that range from collage imagery to free associations. The viewer swoons as he takes in all the sights and sounds on hand - the lights and shadows, the striking compositions, the tantalizing fragments of speech and music, the catchy rhythms, the varied visual textures." - John Ewing, Cleveland Cinematheque and Cleveland Museum of Art

Awards: Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1990; Athens Int'l Film Festival; Chicago Int'l Film Festival.

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