Five Artists: BillBobBillBillBob

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Bill Wiley/Bob Nelson/Bill Allan/Bill Geis/Bob Hudson.

By Dorothy Wiley and Gunvor Nelson.

This film of five California painters, sculptors and filmmakers is a personal look at the lives of these close friends at home with their families, at work in the studio, teaching, fishing, drawing together, at parties, openings, etc. The sound is a collage of comments and music by the artists mixed with impressions by friends and acquaintances.

"FIVE ARTISTS is the most beautiful and moving film on artists that I have ever seen." - Joseph Raffael

"I just love looking at my friends on film." - Dorothy Wiley

"I hate the idea of the film and I never want to see it."

"Our part was the best." - Cornelia Hudson

"Have you ever thought about perambulators? Well, I always thought people shouldn't push other people around." - Bill Geis

"I had to be 35 years old before I realized I was leaving my childhood." - Bill Allan

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