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Light Years

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LIGHT YEARS is a collage film and a journey through the Swedish landscape, traversing stellar distances in units of 5878 trillion miles. It is a film acutely in the present reflecting our temporal existence ... continuous and imperfect.

"LIGHT YEARS continues to develop the concerns and techniques begun in her earlier film FRAME LINE. In LIGHT YEARS Nelson blends collage animation with highly textured live-action material to create a haunting evocation of her displacement from her native Swedish culture. Particularly striking is her use of wet ink on glass to create a constantly shifting image of a path leading to a house. With these passages of the house and moving images of the Swedish landscape as threads, LIGHT YEARS becomes a tapestry of change as experienced through constant motion. It is a personal reflection on the filmmaker's memories of her past.

"The film is so filled with visual ideas that Gunvor Nelson has extended the film's themes and techniques in her subsequent effort LIGHT YEARS EXPANDING. All her recent films suggest that while the distance of time makes home further, the intensity of memory makes it richer." - Parabola

***Re:Voir boxset contains a DVD with 4 films by Gunvor Nelson and a 125 page booklet by Julie Savelli***

DVD includes:
FOG PUMAS, 1967, 23min by Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley
FRAME LINE, 1983-2014, 22min
LIGHT YEARS, 1987, 25min
BEFORE NEED REDRESSED, 1994, 40min by Gunvor Nelson and Dorothy Wiley

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