Aurelia: Or Echo in Her Eyes Part #3

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 18 fps

With Irene Fizer and Dennis Benson. Music composed and performed by Michael Nigrin and Jack Rusnak.

A woman sleeps. She dreams of a troubling encounter with a man at a futuristic cathedral. In this dream, the proliferation of a day's images is reduced and refined into more enigmatic renderings. The world of color and movement translates into one of stone, shadows and light. In the epilogue, the woman, now awake, lingers over the dream scenario which has just played; she prepares new variations. As such, the film poses the problem of defining the relationship between dreaming and waking consciousness. AURELIA was shot on location in Barcelona, Spain at the unfinished Sagrada Familia church designed by Antonio Gaudi. The film is based in spirit on Gerard de Nerval's novella Aurelia.

Funding was made available in part by the New Jersey State Council on the Arts.

Awards: Quebec Int'l 8mm Film Festival, Montreal, 1987; MOAS Prize, Rochester Int'l Film Festival, 1986; Fifth Super 8 Film Encounter, San Juan, Puerto Rico, 1987; Cash Prize, Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival, 1987.

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