Dot 2 Dot/Tete a Tete

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

With Irene Fizer, Dennis Benson, Paul Young and Andrew Daddio.

"DOT TO DOT/TETE A TETE plays upon our contradictory desire for disorder and order, instituting a tension and a symbiosis between images of multiplicity, continuity, advancement, and those of delimitation, constriction, and finality. The opening credits, the single ticket on the screen, and the TV static rebound into infinity; the undulating, arcing Slinky becomes a humid tunnel into an undecipherable, endless space; the refracted landscape in the moving mirror multiplies into unintelligibility; the sensuous, red spin of the water, the spiral on the ball, and the sped-up sundial motion of the web and the academy leader (8, 7, 6, 5, etc.) are all representations of self-preoccupied motion, without a foreordained aim. By turning/returning into themselves, they become progressive and productive. The beatific repose of the woman and the exhausted sleep of the man draw upon the same notion: sleep, a turning inward, is perhaps the most provocative experience of boundlessness." - Irene Fizer

Awards: Keith Clark Memorial Award, Ann Arbor 8mm Film Festival, 1985; Second Experimental Film Festival, Experimental Film Coalition, Chicago, 1985.

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