Echo in Her Eyes, Parts 1 and 2

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 18 fps

With Irene Fizer (Part 1); Music by Michael Nigrin (Part 2).

Dependent more upon inventiveness than investment, these two works, ECHO IN HER EYES, PARTS 1 & 2, the first in a planned series of six, play upon the metaphorical linkage in the title of the aural within the visual; an echo resounding infinitely into the unknowable space of one's own eye. The visions always just on the edge of comprehension in ECHO IN HER EYES, PART 1, animate a still, pensive sleep. Their effect cannot be pinpointed as the impenetrability of sleep nor as manifest dream. The mirror similarly becomes either a pool of infinite reflection or an image forever unseen and torn from the sleeper - a mere surface.

"ECHO IN HER EYES, PART 2 enters the infinite reflections of the video camera itself, an experience of a technological void both kaleidoscopic and hypnotic." - Irene Fizer

Exhibition: Art Institute of New Jersey, 1985; Rutgers University, NJ, 1985.

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