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With Irene Fizer and Rosemary Passantino.

/GRID/LOCK/WED/LOCK/ is a claustrophobic film, where the camera forces the viewer into bent-over, upside down and twisted positions. The gaze is led into a cramped kaleidoscopic world of moving shadows and reflections. Yet the closed world of /GRID/LOCK/WED/LOCK/ reveals a drama - the union, separation and reunion of two figures lost in a labyrinth of fragments and cages.

"Whereas STRIPE TEASE playfully flirts with a theme of Desire, this film seeks to more completely outline its limits and consequences. Two shadow characters come to share an illusory world of form without dimension. These figures find themselves imprisoned, however, as they attempt to transform their shadows into substance. Electric fan blades, which flutter on the screen like an old silent movie, prevent the spectres from stepping off the 'stage' of their film arena and passing into the audience's reality. The mythical unity between spectator and spectacle shatters and the characters appear cast out of an allegorical Paradise." - Paul Young

Exhibition: National Women's Studies Association Conference Film Program, 1984; Introduction to Psychology, Rutgers University (class material), 1985-1986.

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