Spin Me Round and Shake Well

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 18 fps

With Irene Fizer and Paul Young. Music by William Nelson (SPIN ME ROUND) and Django Reinhardt (SHAKE WELL).

SPIN ME ROUND is a tribute to Hurricane Gloria. SHAKE WELL is a cinematic milkshake. "SPIN ME ROUND/SHAKE WELL is actually two short, quite elegant films, each performing exactly what the title predicts, but with a highly refined sense of space, composition and movement." - S.A. Barnes, Review of Third Experimental Film Festival, Chicago

Awards: SF Art Institute Film Festival, 1986; Third Experimental Film Festival, Experimental Film Coalition, Chicago, 1987.

Exhibition: SF Cinematheque; Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore; Zimmerli Art Museum, New Jersey; Berks Filmmakers, Reading, PA; Collective for Living Cinema, NY.

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