Stripe Tease

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

With Irene Fizer, John Bartle and Rosemary Passantino.

"Stripes intrigue since they conceal and reveal, allowing as well as preventing perception and comprehension. What they overlay, they shred into even pieces, establishing, at the same time, an orderly and fissured image. (The glass shards, which appear later in the film, perform similarly: multiplying and thereby breaking up an image, which, although uniformly reflected, is not readily intelligible.) ... The camera teases: by leading the viewer on/in and then denying total apprehension .... A strip tease, a gradual, public derobing, titillates by prolonging the moment of complete disclosure; by perpetuating an in-between state, it excites the spectator. A cohesive narrative does not emerge; the images mean only to intimate - to tantalize." - Irene Fizer

Awards: Visionary Super 8 Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1984; Honorable Mention, Rochester Int'l Film Festival, 1985.

Exhibition: Second Street Gallery, Charlottesville, Virginia; LA Filmforum; SF Cinematheque; Collective for Living Cinema, NY; Staten Island Institute of Arts & Sciences; Cable Television Network of NJ.

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