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And the Show Must Go On

  • Jerry Orr |
  • 1989 |
  • 8 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

"Speech is the image of life." - Democritis

Film composed from a ten-second TV image of Ronnie and Nancy. The sound is from confessional television (graciously lent to me by Gary Adlestein) and contextualizes the horror-film imagery. Also a film for kids about parents who inevitably fall from grace.

"Shortly after Ronald Reagan's inauguration in 1981, I had an opportunity to meet Stan Vanderbeek for the first and, sadly, the last time. He seemed convinced that work was underway to create mechanical clones of top government officials which could be wheeled out for public viewing whenever an element of danger, potential embarrassment or a previous commitment made the presence of the 'real' politician undesirable. One look at this acidly funny portrait of the blank and uncomprehending Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Reagan reveals that Vanderbeek knew exactly what he was talking about. Orr's film gives new, literal meaning to the term 'puppet government.'" - Albert Kilchesty

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