Behind the Noise

  • Jerry Orr |
  • 1987 |
  • 8 minutes |
  • COLOR |

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Classical nude as voyeur - the seen seeing the seer. A comment on the dialectical nature of seeing and a posing of the sensual/sexual element in all perception; vision touches the surface of what is seen and is a bodily experience. Hence the kinesthetic, hence sensual, hence sexual. The flesh of seeing - the eye touches the "object" as literally as if it were a hand. The film is also a visualization of Eastern thought, viz. stillness of the female image represents the posture of letting go; background/foreground represents the "noise" of life; rapid, quasi-random intercuts represent what life throws at us and that which comes at different intensities and does not build to a climax. This is not a film about male voyeurism and the historical role of women as victims of male sexual sleaze.

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