Figure of Speech

  • Jerry Orr |
  • 1989 |
  • 6 minutes |
  • COLOR |

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"Fire over water. The image of the condition before transition." - The I Ching's "reading" of the film

A contrapuntal blend of filmic lyricism, text and TV snow. The condition before transition most probably refers to the primacy of perception and the manner in which the word can degrade/reduce our vision. The TV show serves as the background noise of cultural imaging and how it can also determine our modes of perception and shape our conceptualization of the world at large. How do we figure and ground ourselves? Perfect visual aide for Philosophy 101.

"FIGURE OF SPEECH is an impenetrably charming film trope: The face of Ida Orr is interspersed and superimposed with lines of text, creating of her a literal figure of speech. The sounds of Pennsylvania summer - the chirring of crickets, thunderclaps, a cooling rainfall - compose the soundtrack for this mysterious and evocative play between Mind and World." - Albert Kilchesty

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