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  • Jerry Orr |
  • 1988 |
  • 11 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

A visual/aural ex-position of my reflection in or about the 25th anniversary of my working in a state mental hospital. The imagery is from rephotographed slides of hospital corridors and the masks from an advertising calendar by a drug company asserting their depiction of states of madness. "Jerry Orr's JOURNEY is the evil twin of Ernie Gehr's SERENE VELOCITY, a true shock corridor of the psyche. Drawing upon his years of experience as a psychologist at a Pennsylvania state mental hospital, Orr has created an intensely anguished portrait of mental disturbance. The various faces of mental disorder - represented by a selection of masks - pulsate and swirl through the halls of the hospital in an infernal single-frame dance. JOURNEY is a diabolic mandala, a kaleidoscopic trip to the end of the world. A remarkably powerful and disturbing film, JOURNEY is best viewed with the mind's safety belt snugly fastened." - Albert Kilchesty

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