See Know Evil

  • Jerry Orr |
  • 1989 |
  • 8 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

"To sanction vice and hunt decorum down." - Byron

Originally (late '70s) a 16mm film which was made by bipacking a Bolex with punched (leather punch) loop of black leader. Projected the 16mm film onto a cloth screen designed by sculptor Tom Watcke and rephotographed on S8mm. At one level a peep-hole film; voyeurism as detached lust. The hole as chimera. Schizoid masturbatory fantasy fulfilled. Sound and image lubricate the evils of pleasure. Two questions are posed: 1) Is knowledge more privileged than vision? and 2) How does this quote from Byron contextualize the film?

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