Shadow Knows, The

  • Jerry Orr |
  • 1989 |
  • 12 minutes |
  • COLOR |

Rental Format(s): Super 8mm, 24 fps

"A brilliant Super 8 poem of seductive, transient images bubbling and festering in the closet of the pious subconscious and mixed with the audio grunts, cries and prayers of that delirious hypocrite wallowing in the 'Heaven and Hell' of the righteous soul wet with the sweat of fever dreams." - Mike Kuchar

"The miasmic geography of spiritual and sexual fascism is bravely explored in Jerry Orr's THE SHADOW KNOWS. Since the dominant culture consistently lends credence to the paranoidly monkish notion of Woman as enticing corrupter, Swaggert believes he merely has to confess that Satan, in the guise of a woman, led him astray and, amazingly, he will be forgiven his trespasses. By this very process, foolishly impotent men become saints and kings, while women are reviled as worthless, whorish handmaidens of the Beast. It is precisely this history of abuse and oppression which is at the heart of THE SHADOW KNOWS." - Albert Kilchesty

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