America's in Real Trouble

Tom Palazzolo's rapid-fire, seemingly spontaneous documentary style captures Chicago with pizazz. For more than ten years, Palazzolo has been delivering to us his captured visions - body builders, senior citizens, erotic parlours, weddings, deli owners, and the like - as if he had harnessed them in a cinematic butterfly net.

"The love of events that bring people together, revealing at once the absurdities and tenderness of the human comedy, plus a sharp eye for Americana, characterize and permeate the Palazzolo films." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

AMERICA'S IN REAL TROUBLE is a patriotic film with music and sound by some of the great unknowns of the past. Lots of overtones, undercurrents, innuendoes, visual similes, counterpoints, puns and contrapuntal movement. Filmed in Chicago, it covers several years of parades and civic events. If you're not moved by this film there's no hope for you.

"A stirring slice of raw Americana. I haven't been so moved since Leni Riefenstahl retired from showbiz." - John Heinz

Collection: Museum of Modern Art, NY

Exhibition: Invited to Commie Film Festival, Leipzig, East Germany