Enjoy Yourself (It's Later than You Think)

Made with Bernie Caputo and Jeff Kreines.

"Palazzolo, Caputo and Kreines are able to look beyond the silliness of the contests the oldsters are asked to enter and the opportunism of the speeches of various politicians to discover that these old people, some of whom perform in a joyous amateur musical revue, are clearly having a pretty good time on what is possibly an all too rare outing." - Kevin Thomas, The Los Angeles Times

"With a title taken from the corny hit song of the '40s, ENJOY YOURSELF follows the antics of old folks as they participate in a variety of song, fun and games. There's an energetic rendition of 'Hello Dolly,' a paper-plate throwing contest, and hula dance by six women in their 70s who introduce their act by explaining that they're 'young of heart and got a lot of nerve.'" - Gene Siskel, Chicago Tribune

"ENJOY YOURSELF is a lovely funny documentary about an old folks day in the park, the senior citizens are rounded up for games ... and a particularly gaudy and very large red pillow is awarded by an embarrassed Lt. Governor to a man who says he's never won anything in his life and does not seem especially happy to have won such a pillow - the movie smiles about human nature." - Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times