Lilly's World of Wax

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Directed by Ellen Fisher and Tom Palazzolo, edited by Tom Palazzolo

Lillie Santantangelo had for most of the 20 century ran a wax museum at New York's Coney Island. Just before her museum is closed and her exhibits auctioned off she leads us on a final tour. Old age and declining attendance have forced her to close and sell her wax figures to support herself. This film deals with the loss of her "friends" (the wax figures), she has known for so long. We tour the boardwalk with her one last time as she reminisces about her years as a Coney Island fixture.

"The Lilly of the title had run the 'World in Wax Musee' at Coney Island for 54 years until her recent retirement. Palazzolo's original intent was to film a scheduled auction of the contents of the museum, a wonderful idea, but because the collection may be sold as a unit, the director found himself on Coney Island making a new film, and probably a better one.

"Lilly leads the camera on a tour of the museum with the lights and wires being dragged along before the eyes of the audience. The woman insists on looking into the camera as she delivers her absurd and touching stories about the figures.

"As Lilly's helpers toast her and say how much they will miss her, she admits to us that her wax figures 'made mistakes.' But, she says, 'I don't believe there is a hell. I believe we pay for our sins here on earth.'

"It is good news for those who love good films that Tom Palazzolo's latest film is one of his best." - William J. Leahy

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