Marquette Park - Part 1

Frank Collin, the leader of the Nazi organization, has since become a name in the headlines with his attempts to march into Skokie, a predominantly Jewish suburb of Chicago. Their right to march is being tested in the Supreme Court.

"MARQUETTE PARK is a steamroller of raw cinema verite, an unsettling look at the reaction of white residents to a black march into their neighborhood, and the role played in generating hostility by local Nazi organizers. Palazzolo, a veteran Chicago filmmaker whose earlier works come as close as any to embodying a 'Chicago style' of personal documentary, and Mark Rance, a student at MIT, have shot the events of a single afternoon from behind the 'white lines' in a straight and even-handed looking fashion, without a trace of moralizing or manipulation." - Ron Epple, Filmmakers' Newsletter

Award: Kenyon Film Festival

Exhibition: Cannes Film Festival, 1977; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Independent Expo; Bellevue Film Festival.

Note: MARQUETTE PARK and MARQUETTE PARK II may be rented together for the price of $150.