Cage, The

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We were trying to say goodbye to an epoch, the one into which we had been driven in Apollinaire's "Petite Auto."

The adventures of a detached eyeball. Resources limited, content almost unlimited. Most celebrated shot: artist with head in birdcage.

"Marks the emergence of a naive-sophisticated style." - S.P., The Dark of the Screen

"[Peterson is] one of the originators of the American avant-garde cinema. The five films he made in San Francisco between 1947 and 1950 have become classics; they have influenced the cinematic education of many of the best filmmakers of subsequent generations." - P. Adams Sitney

"One of the greats, a pioneer of the American experimental film .... With his sharp, proto-Funk assemblages of wild sight-gags and free associations, he celebrated those aspects of the Rene Clair and Buñuel/Dali films that were indebted to the work of Chaplin, Keaton, and Laurel and Hardy." - Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, program notes

"Peterson's films affirm the emergence of this new artist, the American experimental filmmaker." - Jon Gartenberg

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