Via Rio

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"VIA RIO is an ode to our human desire for relationship. The film tumbles through a series of relationships woven around one woman's narration of her parents' marriage. This woman (played by Lilian Mafra) is a fresh and fecund personality who relates the story of her mother's infidelities while sitting naked and pregnant in a garden. Interspersed around this narrative are a number of other scenes that feed the complex nature of human interaction. Interaction that is sometimes comic, sometimes lonely, but, as the very pregnant Mafra indicates - inevitably a part of life." - Frances De Vuono


Cash Award and Tour, Ann Arbor Film Festival


SF Cinematheque New Films '85
Koukosai Theatre
Humboldt State University, Women's Film Festival
No Nothing Cinema
Daytona Beach Community College
Virginia Commonwealth University
Filmworks/School of Art, Kent State University
University of Wisconsin
Neighborhood Film/Video Project, Int'l House, Pennsylvania
Pagoda Palace, San Francisco

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