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"In SEASHORE, Rimmer also repeats actions to set up a series of rhythmical patterns. The basic image derives from a shot from an old movie depicting women in long dresses standing along the edge of the ocean. Within this eight-second loop, he cut shorter ones, so that the film actually contains loops within loops. For example, the activity of a central group of three women is cut so that the figures repeat certain motions over and over again: one woman keeps kicking out her foot, the person in front of her continues touching her hand to her leg, while at the edge of the frame another woman keeps tidying her hair. Rimmer also chose to use the forms of surface imperfections, the scratches and dirt patterns, as bases for his loops. Other ways of stylizing the images include: freezing the frame in which a distinct pattern of dirt appears, contrasting positive and negative images, and reversing the entire picture. At one point the original scene is confronted with its mirror image to create a bilaterally symmetrical pattern." - Kristina Nordstrom, The Village Voice

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