Square Inch Field

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Sound: "My Indole Ring." "In 13 closely-packed minutes SQUARE INCH FIELD surveys the micro-macro universe as contained in the mind of man. In that square inch field between the eyes known in Kundalini Yoga as the 'Ajna Chakra,' Rimmer projects a vision of the great mandala of humanity's all-time experience in space/time. A collection of archetypal faces accelerates to 24 per second and we're thrust into a cosmos of the elements - earth, air, fire, water - metamorphosing with icons, molecular structures, constellations, spider webs, snow crystals, and a time-lapse sunset over English Bay. All this is viewed through a kind of telescoped iris aperture - peering outward from the mind's eye. The final image is the smiling face of an innocent child. This description does not begin to communicate the powerful aesthetic integrity with which Rimmer has compounded and orchestrated his universe of harmonic opposites: a revelation of cosmic unity." - Gene Youngblood, ArtsCanada magazine

Awards: Yale Film Festival, 1969; St. Lawrence Film Festival, 1969.

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