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OASIS probes the landscape of a gated community located just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Imagery of residential rituals and the painted bronze statues which line the streets join with the disembodied voices of the residents in a chorus of impressions. Schneider "... presents it as a patterned world that seems as artificial as the statues that dot the landscape. Their lifelike presences are more haunting and vivid than the passerby we see." - Fred Camper, Chicago Reader "Schneider's work is rarely judgmental, but his wide eyed and poetic glances at the world around us bring a number of sticky issues bubbling to the surface."
- Andrea Ludden, Albuquerque Weekly Alibi

Exhibition: Onion City Film Festival; Chicago Underground Film Festival; Other Cinema, SF; Anti Film Festival; WPA/Corcoran Museum; NY Underground Film Festival.

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