Filmpiece for Sunshine

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Dedication: To Anger and Sunshine.

FILMPIECE FOR SUNSHINE was begun as a portrait of Steven Sunshine, a young film student, at his invitation. Steven was then 18 to my 25 and living, as misfit as I had been at his age, in a college dormitory. My unexpected return to the environment of my adolescence brought forth a flood of memory strong enough to sustain my first real venture in filmmaking.

Once begun, the film soon transformed itself from portrait to autobiography, and was shaped very much by my obsession with Anger's SCORPIO RISING (image montage and rock music) - and by a remark of the narrator in Vladimir Nabokov's novel, Pale Fire: that dormitories are "bedlams of jungle music." To be worthy of that inspiration, it took nine months of careful searching to select seven songs (and one fragment) - two years in all to complete the film.

FILMPIECE FOR SUNSHINE is about the isolation of the adolescent in an anti-life society, the pointlessness of his existence. He can't get sexual satisfaction, and he can't get any other kind either. He is always in prison and always will be. The woman he longs for is not just a woman of flesh but a higher spiritual freedom and beauty. He longs for beauty in an ugly world.

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