Portrait of the Poet as James Broughton

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Like FILMPIECE FOR SUNSHINE, this film was begun as a portrait of a friend, and was intended to be made quickly and simply, and grew under the inspiration of its true subject, the Muse, into a labor of many years.

PART ONE, six years in the making, is now completed. It is a self-contained film, but will reveal deeper meanings when PART TWO (an equal labor) is completed. This work is an homage to that begun in cinema by Jean Cocteau in his famous trilogy and that, through James, I have become his successor, however unworthy, to continue the work.

This film is the first that I have completed that has a soundtrack wholly my own, composed of voices and natural sounds that I recorded, edited, and tape-altered myself. Besides that, my former use of lab-printed and in-camera superimposition to create complex images has been augmented by extensive optical printing. I was forced to build my own printer from surplus parts and to learn how to use it before I could make this film.

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