Tape composition by William Maraldo.

XFILM is my very personal exploration of film as an abstract, kinetic medium. The film, after many months of experimentation with rhythm and form, finally collected and crystallized when I heard Bill Maraldo's unusual electronic tape piece. The opening of XFILM grew from my hearing of that piece, and I still believe that the first five minutes of this film are the most inspired filmmaking I have yet done.

"Through precise manipulation of individual frames and groups of frames, Schofill creates an overwhelming sense of momentum practically unequaled in synaesthetic cinema. There is almost a visceral, tactile impact to these images, which plunge across the field of vision like a dynamo ...." - Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema

"XFILM is a radiant, spiritual dream-synthesis of technological consciousness. ... [A] film that presents a thoroughly integrated and radically alternative vision with a technical mastery that gives the film artist a fresh model of visual sophistication from which to attack the stifling, mordant and redundant vocabulary of the past." - John Du Cane

Note: Please play sound as loudly as sound system will allow without distortion.