Analytic Studies IV: Blank Color Frames

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Contains: 1. Specimen II 2. Specimen III 3. Specimen IV 4. Diagonal Temporality B 5. Diagonal Temporality C 6. Temporal Frame B

Like ANALYTICAL STUDIES I, these short works each develop a different rhythmic and/or melodic idea using only rapid successions of color frames. The "Specimens" are called such because they are the "subjects" of (rephotography) analysis: "Specimen II" was intended to be the subject for the film EPISODIC GENERATION - although the footage, in itself, was successful, I did not find it adequate for its intended purpose; therefore, "Specimen IV" was created and was used (rephotographed) for EPISODIC GENERATION. The other works were studies for sections of the film DECLARATIVE MODE. (After titles, focus should be shifted to sharpen the edges of the screen.)

Note: All of the above films in the ANALYTICAL STUDIES SERIES may be projected at silent speed as well as sound speed.

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