Analytic Studies III: Color Frame Passages

The film consists of seven sections: the first section, "Specimen I," a "flicker" film, is the subject for the other sections of ANALYTICAL STUDIES III. ... "Specimen I," as with most of my other works, also exists as a "Frozen Film Frame," wherein the entire footage of the film is cut into strips and aligned serially between sheets of clear plexiglas.

Section I: "Specimen"

Three spectral cycles intersecting into a "flicker" work that is the basis of ... all that follows in this film.

Section II: "Divergent Strip Vectors"

Film of the first film. Two strips shot in real time are superimposed, one moving upward, the other downward. Other colors are created. Changes in speed cause various kinds of illusions.

Section III: "Document"

A documentation of how the films were shot. Shows Sharits and two assistants at work on Synchronousoundtracks. The film strip that they are shooting is superimposed over their images.

Section IV: "Strip in Strip"

A superimposition of one strip image over and a bit inside another strip image.

Section V: "Strip of Strip, A"

Not a superimposition of two strips but rather a document of an actual strip, moving upward, containing the image of another film strip, also moving upward, blurring at various speeds in rephotography.

Section VI: "Strip of Strip, B"

Same as Section V but the inner strip image is moving downward while the actual strip containing it is moving upward.

Section VII: "Strip of Strip of Strip B"

A document of Section VI; three film strip images and sprocket sets, one within another.