Inferential Current

A mapping of an image of the linear passage of "16mm film frames" and "emulsion scratches" onto an actual 16mm film strip (the unperceived film "print") / the aural word "miscellaneous" is extended to a length of eight minutes by serial fragmentation, looping, staggering and overlaying / a variational but non-developmental strand thru time. / Dedicated to Lynda Benglis.

"Like S:S:S:S:S:S, INFERENTIAL CURRENT is concerned with the movement of film through the projector and with the distinction between the film strip itself and its image, as it appears on the screen. In this film, the image is that of a whole film strip, with sprocket holes. The movement of the sprocket holes shift speeds and creates illusions of motions (reversals of direction, etc.) but also alludes to the motion of the actual movement of the actual film going through the projector. There is an inter-play of two generations of vertical scratches, which provides an ironic effect." - David James, Art & Cinema