North On Evers

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"... NORTH ON EVERS charts the cross country ride by master framer of landscapes and is subtitled in handwritten text that moves across the frame. Benning overturns the notion of an easily consumable product at the outset, as he forces the viewer to take in all the sounds and images .... What finally emerges is an extremely evocative picture of what's happened and is happening in this country from someone who would clearly like to feel patriotic today but finds patriotism very difficult. I would venture that Benning's filmmaking is directly connected to the sense of overload: he forces us to take in both the shots and the subtitles, the past and the present, the sounds and the images. This is a country defined by such overstimulation and excess, and one of the best things about Benning's narrative scrapbook is that it never allows us to imagine that either one of the texts is sufficient to encompass his subject's complexity. To make this film Benning had to make the same trip twice. To watch it once is to be distracted, but in an evocative and resonant manner - to be drawn away from Benning's travels and alienations and reminded of one's own." - Jonathan Rosenbaum, Chicago Reader

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