Tuning the Sleeping Machine

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"TUNING THE SLEEPING MACHINE maintains a dreamy oscillation between visual abstraction and a disjointedly submerged narrative of sexual menace. ... [It] recalls our shared experience of late-night television in which lambent images emerge from the screen and turn strange as they percolate through our half-conscious thoughts and reveries." - Paul Arthur, Film Comment

"Fragments of unidentified and yet strangely familiar films, pregnant with allusion and implication, drift into one another, obscured by the haze of rephotography, electricity and the residue of (al)chemical formulae, renamed time and memory. TUNING THE SLEEPING MACHINE resurrects the cinema projected on the unconscious, a series of images defined by the gaze of an eye, the presence in an empty room, the creeping darkness that shrouds a strange face. In this conflation of image and subject, the timeless dream of cinema finds its dreamer, and so do we." - Brian Frye

Exhibition: NY Film Festival, 1996; Biennial Exhibition, Whitney Museum of American Art, 1997; Ann Arbor Film Festival; Found Footage 98; SF Int'l Film Festival.

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