Everywhere at Once

Rental Format(s): 16mm film / Digital File

EVERYWHERE AT ONCE is a musical montage, a synchronized symphony composed from an infinity of elements at hand: piano chords and cable cars, cocktail jazz and broken glass, looney tunes and telephones, elephants and xylophones, violins and vultures, orchestras and roller coasters .... A journey in images at the speed of sound.

These collage films are drawn from a vast personal library of sounds and images, steadfastly accumulated over many years. This randomly assembled and ever-expanding pool of elements serves as the basis for a form of bricolage - cultural artifacts and residues, odds and ends accumulated over time and transformed into works attempting to bridge a wide range of poetic horizons: the actual with the possible, pre-history with science fiction, magic with science fact, the medium with the message. Ultimately these films document my need to put order to my universe, a place burdened by my need to make the puzzle fit the pieces.

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