Nicaragua: Hear-Say/See-Here

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This film is a modest attempt to better understand a situation that my own country's government and media have mystified and depersonalized by reducing the representations of Nicaragua to a war zone rather than a place where people live their lives. Using the process of making the film as a starting point for my own engagement with my subject, a world so different from my own, I begin with a question: As a North American, what is my relationship to Nicaragua?

"With the camera never settling on a solid, classical composition, Skoller conveys his personal response to the reality of daily life in Nicaragua. ... In a purposefully tentative and oblique visual style, using a reflexive voice-over soundtrack, Skoller constantly questions his place as filmmaker. ... An acute political awareness informs the act of seeing in Skoller's film." - David Schwartz, Curator of the American Museum of the Moving Image

"... visually captivating ...." - The Village Voice

Exhibition: 35th Mannheim Film Festival; Latin American Film Festival, Havana; Robert Flaherty Film Seminar.

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