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MUTE is an irresolute web of shifting power positions. It is a malevolent bed-time story whose focal character, while deviating herself from the grip of the narration, firmly maintains her ambivalence towards her state of menace.

Included is subtitled information, which is the running contrapuntal perspective of the "other," the mute. This commentary blossoms out in the long silent sections, from a discussion of her own involuntary objectification to her problematic "fascination" with a foreign culture.

"MUTE, Greta's masterpiece, uses layers of allegory and true-life crime story to reveal the miscommunication at the heart of patriarchal eroticism." - Ann Powers, SF Weekly

Awards and Exhibition: Ann Arbor Film Festival; Big Muddy Film Festival; Louisville Film Festival; Best Experimental Film, Atlanta Film Festival; SF Cinematheque; Other Cinema, SF.

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