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"Greta S. incorporates a sprinkling of traditional bay-area style - cutting and pasting images from an obscure range of memorabilia footage and pop culture - as she guides us through the tribulations and ecstasies of life in the 90s. NO-ZONE generates the feeling of reading a book, as a gamut of emotions are brought to life in a series of short fables. The disturbing issues of AIDS, nuclear waste in one's front yard, and the ever present mid-life crisis, are translated through gun visuals, manipulated text and in-your-face close-ups. Paranoia and discontent with the state of the world are coolly relayed in soap opera time, via two of the film's episodes - Sickness and Toxin. Relief from this environment comes in the form of doing 30kms on a skateboard, downtown and foraging for edible berries in the wilderness .... Alas no happy ending here, as a mini-doc focusing on The End of History, stakes its claim as the crowing glory." - Sally Bonython, Melbourne International Film Festival

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