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The film is a documentary road movie about travel, the fallibility of photographs, and the merging of memory and imagination.

Three friends, including the filmmaker, rendez-vous in Portland by hitchhiking or train-hopping from different cities. After a week of arguments, soup kitchens, brushes with the law, and bad weather, each leaves with a different memory of the trip, refracted through the tensions and expectations of their triangulated friendship. PORTLAND reconstitutes the trip in a humorous mixture of footage from the journey (taken with a run-down Super 8 camera), interpreted re-enactments, and interviews with the involved parties. The result is a spirited look at independent women and fearless travelers.

Awards and Exhibition: Toronto Int'l Film Festival; Sundance Film Festival; Juror's Citation, Black Maria Film and Video Festival and Tour; NY Underground Film Festival; Olympia Film Festival; Virginia Film Festival; Portland Film Festival; British Short Film Festival; Best Short Award, Northwest Documentary Film Festival; Aspen Shortsfest; Taos Talking Pictures; Funniest Film Award, Ann Arbor Film Festival and Tour.

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