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Remains to be Seen

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

Using chemical and optical treatments to coat the film with a limpid membrane of swimming crystals, coagulating into silver recall, then dissolving somewhere between the Operating Theatre, The Waterfall, and the Great Plains.

"In the melancholic REMAINS TO BE SEEN, dedicated to the memory of Solomon's mother, the scratchy rhythm of a respirator intones menace. The film, optically crisscrossed with tiny eggshell cracks, often seems on the verge of shattering. The passage from life into death is chartered by fugitive images: pans of an operating room, an old home movie of a picnic, a bicyclist in vague outline against burnt orange and blue .... Solomon measures emotions with images that seem stolen from a family album of collective memory."
- Manohla Dargis, The Village Voice

Top Ten Films of 1989, The Village Voice

First Prize, Oberhausen Film Festival (1989)

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16mm film $70.00  

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