Hall of Mirrors

Rental Format(s): 16mm film

"This film is an outgrowth of one of Sonbert's film classes at NYU, in which he was given outtakes from a Hollywood film photographed by Hal Mohr to re-edit into a narrative sequence. Adding to this found footage, Sonbert filmed Warhol's superstars Rene Ricard and Gerard Malanga in more private and reflective moments.

"Throughout HALL OF MIRRORS, Sonbert underscores the materiality of film and the self-referential aspect of the filmmaking enterprise. HALL OF MIRRORS begins and ends with the protagonists' movements enmeshed within multiple relfecting mirrors. He incorporates black and white 'found' footage with newly filmed scenes photographed in color, works the exposed leader of the film rolls into the film's fabric, and captures his own reflected image while filming one of his protagonists. The rock and roll soundtrack underscores the sense of visual entrapment of the characters." - Jon Gartenberg

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